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Two Slayers [entries|friends|calendar]
Two Slayers, One Love.

All amout Me
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Nice one faith...reall nice. [Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 @ 9:29am]

It wasn'tt like i was waiting for a good answer because i knew it wouldnt be good at all. But she looked really hurt. Dawn's and my little tumble was a tumble at all, it was more the tumble of Dawn kicking my ass so i would get a grip and stop running away from my feelings for buffy.

I hadnt exactly made it easy on buffy either. She wasn't the one who ran away, i was. But i couldnt have handled seeing her with Angel.
That name made me want to really kill someone, or something. But i knew if i did that, killed Angel i mean, Buffy would never forgive me, and thats something i could never live with.

She made me feel lots of things, buffy did. It was a strange thing to go from just randomly hooking up with guys who only wanted me for sex, to being in love with someone. Even if she didnt love me back yet.

I felt so much for her and i would have done anything for her. Thats why i ran after her. I needed her to understand and to forgive me.

" Buffy....please...i'm sorry...i'm sorry i ran out..and i'm sorry for being jealous."
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Demons, Werewolfs..Slayers oh my! [Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 @ 12:37pm]

I walked up from the basement and into the kitchen where I poked my head around from the corner to see Buffy and Angel playing nice in the doorway. Okay..well doesn't look like I will be getting out that way anytime soon. I wasn't sure why I was doing this..cause she could certainly take care of herself but..who knows maybe all this love fest has tramatized me...seems logical so lets go with that.

I was thankful we had a back door, so I went out and pulled it shut behind me. Now..if I was Faith where would I go.


Cemetary, I looked at the front gates. Seriously..why do they ever lock this thing anymore. With a stake in my pocket I climbed up and over the front gate. And dropped down. Sometimes it's great to be the sister of the slayer. You learn a few tricks of the trades. But this, was not due to buffy, this had been years of climbing out a bedroom window.

Something tells me that a pissed off Faith would be worse then running into any demon or vampire. I heard some commontion not to far off in the sistance so I made my way over only to watch Faith dust a vamp. Okay...never sneak up on a pissed off slayer...specially Faith. She could kill you in 10 seconds flat..actually probably even faster then that.

"Okay..so I don't like you much better then I do Angel. I am sure you already know that. But uh..you..and Buffy...lo...lo...like each other a whole bunch. Can't say I support this..but uh if Buffy is happy who I am to decide who she is playing footsey with under the covers. Just because Angel is back doesn't mean anything. Buffy doesn't love him anymore..so uh how bout you lower that stake...and I dunno..go back home."

(Open to Faith)
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Next Morning. [Sunday, January 29th, 2006 @ 7:34pm]

I wake up and see that my buffy is sleeping soundlesly. It's kinda cute. I try to move and get out of bed but i wake her anyways.

She lays there and looks up at me.

" hey you ." I lean down and kisses her softly.

" Are u ready for some training, u know u and me, all out fighting no holding back?"

i knew she was ready for this, i had that ich for a good fight.
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Whats the world coming to? [Tuesday, January 24th, 2006 @ 6:53pm]

A few weeks at dad's..I could probably make a movie out of that. We talked, I was alone, he worked, I saw LA, he worked somemore, we talked somemore...okay I never said it would make a great movie or nothing. It was about time to be getting back. It's not like I really had much to go back home to though. I mean Buffy was there sure, but I have seen her everyday for basically my entire life...maybe I can get her to send me to camp this year. But before I head back to good ole Sunnydale..there is one stop I had to make.

"Surprised to see me?"

Angel turned around in his swivel chair. He looked as if he had seen a ghost or something. I waited for the shock to wear off before he got up and..and..hugged me? He was hugging me? Is he possessed or something? He pulled back and fixed my jacket collar...right sure...I'll buy. Alright...I'm really not here to play nice...but what the heck.

"Okay...I dont like you...but my sister does..so I'll play nice. She wants to see you..drop in..this has been great fun..but I must be going."

Angel gave me his answer..and that was pretty much the end of our of so loving conversation. With that I turned and headed out the same way I had came in..I looked at all the cars he had. That would be so much more fun then taking a bus back. So I took Angel's hug as a...hey have a car..and jumped into a nice black porshe..with keys to spare. I smiled and waved to a camera and drove off.


Ah, the Sunnydale sign, kinda makes you miss it....kinda. I drove up the house and parked my car..yes my car. I am starting to see a bright side to Angel being in the big leagues. Still..it's not going to make me want to have milk and cookies with him..does he even eat regular food...

Once the car was parked and turned off, I took the keys with me..cause it's just a smart thing to do and twirled them on my finger and walked up the walkway and into the house. I threw my bags on the living floor..yup I was home.

"Hey Buffy!, I'm home..and I got a car!"

I waited a moment and heard a thud...coming from upstairs. First person to make there way down the stairs was...Faith.

"What did you do..did you kill my sister again?!"

She looked at me and before she opened her mouth...Buffy jumped down the stairs..since when does she do that. I rose an eyebrow as she mentioned something about her and Faith training...

"Training..okay. Sure...but uh Buffy...since when does training involve wearing your bra..in your pocket?"

(Open to Buffy and Faith)
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No...noone to know. [Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 @ 6:18pm]

I kissed her then we heard someone call up the stairs...it was Dawn...


I looked at buffy then jumped up and we both scrambled for our clothes.
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Loving her [Monday, January 16th, 2006 @ 11:19am]

i smirked.

" thats the way it's always been baby" I knew she loved it and i loved her more. I just wanted to be with her.. but damn...it ws gonna be so weird with everyone else in the house not knowing.

" Do we want others to know" I was kinda ruining the mood but i needed to know.
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weird new happenings [Sunday, January 15th, 2006 @ 2:24pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

We stood there in the kitchen, just..talking. I had gotten a glass of water and she had hopped up onto the counter.

"You want something?" I asked, not looking up at her from the fridge.

This was all happening so fast, but what was surprising me was how I wasn't pushing it away. I looked back at her and smiled.

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